Topic: Humanitarian Settings

Pathways to care among women hospitalized with severe abortion complications at Castors Maternity in Bangui, Central African Republic

This evidence brief summarizes key findings from the qualitative component of the AMoCo study, which aims to describe the access to care and treatment of women and girls hospitalized in Castors Maternity Hospital in Bangui for potentially life-threatening and near-miss abortion complications such as severe haemorrhage, severe sepsis, and uterine and intra-abdominal perforation.

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The magnitude and severity of abortion-related complications in the Castors Maternity in Bangui, Central African Republic

This eight-page brief outlines selected findings from a research project on the burden of abortion-related complications and their contributing factors in the Maternity of Castors in Bangui, Central African Republic. The study found a greater severity of abortion-related complications in this facility compared to African hospitals in stable settings and reinforces the need to recognize abortion as a serious health issue among fragile or crisis-affected populations.

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The Potential of Self-Managed Abortion to Expand Abortion Access in Humanitarian Contexts

Refugees and displaced people face uniquely challenging barriers to abortion access, including the collapse of health systems, statelessness, and a lack of prioritization of sexual and reproductive health services by humanitarian agencies. In this commentary published in Frontiers in Global Women’s Health, the authors summarize the evidence around abortion access in humanitarian contexts, and highlight the opportunities for interventions that could increase knowledge and support around self-managed abortion.

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Transformação de atitudes em relação ao aborto: um kit de ferramentas de clarificação de valores para contextos humanitários.

O aborto por profissionais treinados é um procedimento seguro e comum, legal sob pelo menos uma condição em quase todos os países do mundo. No entanto, mulheres e meninas que vivem em ambientes humanitários muitas vezes não podem obter este serviço essencial de saúde reprodutiva – mesmo quando está disponível para outras mulheres em um país que acolhe refugiados.

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Improving Access to Abortion in Crisis Settings: A legal risk management tool for organizations and providers

This tool is designed to help program planners and organizations understand abortion law and manage legal risk when providing or supporting access to abortion for people who are displaced by crisis. It provides general guidance and can be used online or in-person and with program teams, field teams, program managers and other decision-makers. It can also be incorporated in risk- and security-assessment processes.

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Transformación de actitudes respecto al aborto: un juego de herramientas para la aclaración de valores para públicos humanitarios

Cuando es efectuado por prestadores de servicios capacitados, el aborto es un procedimiento seguro y común, legal bajo por lo menos una causal en casi todos los países del mundo. Sin embargo, las mujeres y niñas que viven en entornos humanitarios a menudo no pueden obtener este servicio esencial de salud reproductiva, aun cuando está a la disposición de otras mujeres en un país que alberga a refugiados.

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Transformation des attitudes face à l’avortement: Trousse à outils de clarification des valeurs destinée aux professionnels de l’humanitaire

Quand il est réalisé par des prestataires formés, l’avortement est une procédure sécurisée et courante qui est autorisée par la législation de la plupart des pays pour au moins une situation. Pourtant, les femmes et les jeunes filles dans des contextes humanitaires ne peuvent souvent pas bénéficier de ce service de santé reproductive essentiel, même s’il est disponible pour le reste des femmes d’un pays accueillant des réfugiées.

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The global movement for legal, accessible abortion is growing. Our staff and partners in countries as diverse as Bolivia, Malawi and India are working to ensure all people can access high-quality abortion care.


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