Making abortion legal


Strengthening local and global movements for abortion rights

Women and girls can’t exercise their reproductive rights without laws and policies that support access to safe abortion and contraception. Ipas works to educate policymakers about the need for safe abortion, to train police and lawyers on how to uphold women’s rights within legal systems, and to partner with local groups that advocate for sexual and reproductive rights.

We need ‘a clearer view’ of the impact of the world’s abortion laws

The number of people who live in humanitarian settings and need abortion care is growing, as is the number of people managing their abortions outside the formal health system. This calls for a more rigorous study of the true impact of abortion laws. 

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Patty Skuster
Elisa Vega Sillo

Meet Bolivia’s champions for abortion rights

Inspiring leaders are helping drive Bolivia’s movement for safe, legal abortion—with support from Ipas Bolivia and others in their grassroots coalition.

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Ending criminal abortion laws

When abortion is a crime, women suffer—along with their families and communities. While criminal abortion laws intend to prevent abortion, the reality is they do not. Instead, these laws increase the number of women and girls who resort to unsafe abortion methods, risking death or injury as a result. Moreover, where abortion is illegal, women and health providers can be prosecuted and sent to jail for seeking or providing abortions. Around the globe, Ipas works with partners to raise awareness of the tragic consequences of criminal abortion laws and the importance of safe, legal abortion to protect women’s health and human rights.

Few people realize that women actually go to jail in countries where abortion is illegal. It’s a connection people don’t make.

– Ipas Senior Policy Advisor Gillian Kane

Resist, persist and take the long view

Ipas President and CEO Anu Kumar says the global movement for abortion rights has made great progress since the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development—and we must keep fighting.

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