Our Work


We are unapologetically focused on women and girls who want contraception or abortion, and we build our programs around their needs and how best to support them.

Women are essential to the well-being of their families and communities. Our work to promote their reproductive health and rights is central to global development and stability.

We know that complex factors in a woman’s country, community and personal life all intersect and overlap to put her in control of making her own reproductive health choices—or to prevent her from doing so. That’s why our programs use a multifaceted approach that addresses reproductive health services, access to services and fulfillment of reproductive rights.

Safe abortion and contraception save lives. We train abortion providers, support health systems, and work with partners to ensure high-quality safe abortion services are available, accessible and meet women’s needs.

For many women and girls, lack of information is a major barrier to safe abortion and contraceptive care. Working with partners, we find innovative ways to connect women and girls with the health information they need.

Women and girls can’t determine their own futures without laws and policies that support access to safe abortion and contraception. We advocate around the world for safe, legal abortion.

Protecting and expanding abortion access during the COVID-19 pandemic

Woman washing hands using outdoor station.
In times of crisis, we know that women and girls are often disproportionately affected.  Sexual and reproductive health care  may be  neglected  or  difficult to  access.  Ipas is working to ensure that abortion care remains an essential health service  during the coronavirus outbreak.