We believe in a world where every person can determine their own future.

Ipas works globally to expand access to abortion and contraception

All people have the right to make fundamental decisions about their own bodies and health. That’s why we work with diverse local, regional and international partners toward the goal of reproductive justice: a world where all human rights are respected, protected and fulfilled.

Abortion is health care.

You can give women and girls everywhere the opportunity to determine their own futures.

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Today and every day, abortion is essential health care

By Anu Kumar, Ipas President and CEO

September 28: Today is International Safe Abortion Day. Around the world, people are taking action to expand access to abortion—and raising awareness that abortion is essential health care. What does it mean for abortion to be essential health care? Read more

Anu Kumar

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Advancing gender equity

Advancing gender equity

Men can play a crucial role—as partners, family members, community leaders and professionals—in expanding abortion access.

Abortion in humanitarian settings

Abortion in humanitarian settings

People in crisis settings are at higher risk of unwanted pregnancy and unsafe abortion—and urgently need access to safe abortion and contraception.

Abortion in humanitarian settings

Abortion self-care

We are committed to supporting a woman’s right to have an abortion using pills—on her own, when and where she wants.