Director, Ipas Central America and Mexico: María Antonieta Alcalde

In 2007, Mexico City passed landmark legislation to make abortion legal during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Ipas worked with legislators, media and activists to promote the law change. Since then, women and girls living in Mexico City have had the right to safe, legal abortion free of charge during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy through the public health system. In 2019, Oaxaca State made history by becoming only the second state in the country to decriminalize abortion in the first 12 weeks or pregnancy. In 2021, Hidalgo State also made abortion legal in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. But in the rest of Mexico, abortion is legally restricted. Few women outside of these three states are able to exercise the right to safe abortion.

Ipas has collaborated with Mexican state and federal Ministry of Health authorities, health-care professionals and civil society members since 1995 to improve reproductive health care throughout the country. Programs include work to strengthen health systems by training safe abortion providers and clinic staff, as well as by supporting health centers’ efforts to ensure high-quality abortion care. Ipas advocates for laws and policies that advance women’s right to abortion, conducts community education to reduce abortion stigma, trains young advocates for sexual and reproductive rights, and collaborates on multimedia campaigns in Mexico City to inform women and girls on how to access safe abortion. Ipas is one of the five Mexican organizations that comprise the National Alliance for the Right to Choose (Alianza Nacional por el Derecho a Decidir, or ANDAR), which works to promote women’s sexual and reproductive rights.

‘Everyone is welcome at my hospital’

Dr. Georgina Díaz Orozco is a doctor and Ipas-trained abortion provider in Guadalajara, Mexico—and one of the few providers in Jalisco state to offer abortion care after the first trimester. “It is very important that people have access to this care,” she says.

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Ipas videos on abortion with pills attract almost a million views

Ipas Central America and Mexico (Ipas CAM) created two informational videos in Spanish on how women can safely self-manage an abortion using pills. The unexpected popularity of the videos shows just how badly this information is needed.

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