Ensuring high-quality care

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Making high-quality abortion care a priority—even in the world’s most remote regions

No matter where they live, women and girls—and all people who can get pregnant— should have access to the highest possible quality of abortion and contraceptive care.

To ensure high-quality abortion care, we train doctors, midwives and nurses to safely and respectfully perform abortions and provide counseling on contraceptive options. We equip health facilities, provide clinical guidance and help keep clinics stocked with necessary supplies. We also work to expand women’s right and ability to self-manage an abortion with pills.

These are Ipas’s areas of expertise, and we draw on decades of experience helping countries improve their health systems’ ability to provide accessible abortion care.

Helena Adjei Midwife

After enrolling in an Ipas-supported clinical training program, Ghana midwife Helena Adeji helped to bring safe abortion care to the Hobor community health center.

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Putting women at the center

Ipas Chief Scientific and Technical Officer Kathryn Andersen explains why woman-centered training for abortion providers is so important.

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We’ve added the latest evidence—plus lessons learned from health professionals globally—to our 2020 clinical recommendations on comprehensive abortion care.