Abortion VCAT Resources

Ipas’s workshop facilitator guides and accompanying tools help abortion VCAT facilitators plan and carry out workshops for a variety of audiences and settings—and on a variety of topics related to abortion access. These resources are not structured curricula, but rather flexible collections of activities and materials that can be used individually or in combination to meet the needs of different groups.

Abortion values clarification for action and transformation (VCAT) is a curriculum designed to support groups in examining the individual and collective values, attitudes and beliefs related to abortion. A VCAT workshop helps make values and actions related to abortion access more conscious. It transforms conversations about abortion fueled by stigma and polarized arguments toward those driven by curiosity, empathy and mutual growth. Aclaración de valores para transformación y acción (AVTA) respecto al aborto: Guía de facilitación para públicos mundiales. Segunda edición

Research and evidence show that people can safely and effectively self-manage medical abortion, also called abortion with pills, when they have accurate information. Abortion self-care (ASC) is abortion with pills without the necessity of a prescription. With ASC, a pregnant person manages as much of the process as they want on their own, with or without the involvement of a health-care provider.

Disability inclusion in reproductive health programs

This toolkit provides all the resources needed to plan workshops for organizations that want to build a disability inclusion mindset among their staff and partners who work on abortion and sexual and reproductive health and rights programs.

Abortion by trained providers is a safe and common procedure, legal under at least one condition in nearly every country in the world. Yet women and girls living in humanitarian settings often cannot get this essential reproductive health service—even when it’s available to other women in a country hosting refugees.

This publication supplements Abortion care for young women: A training toolkit (Ipas, 2013). It modifies six values clarification and attitude transformation activities to focus specifically on young women and abortion.