Abortion with pills, also referred to as “medical abortion,” has revolutionized women’s ability to determine whether and when to have children. It is a safe and effective way for a woman to end an early pregnancy.

When they have accurate information on how to have an abortion with pills, women know what to expect and when it may be necessary to seek medical attention. For women living in countries with restrictive abortion laws, it provides a safe and discreet way to end a pregnancy.

Ipas is committed to improving women’s ability to have an abortion using pills—on their own, when and where they want. We are also exploring the clinical and regulatory issues surrounding the expansion of women’s access to self-managed medical abortion.

“Many women are choosing to self-manage their own abortion with pills. We need to ensure that they have the information and support they need.”

– Vinoj Manning, Executive Director, Ipas Development Foundation, India

Self-managing abortions safely

Vinoj Manning, Executive Director of Ipas Development Foundation in India, writes about Indian women’s use of abortion with pills and how to break down the barriers they face when trying to access safe abortion.
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