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Our work began in 1973, with the provision of life-saving reproductive health technologies for health systems in several countries. Since then, we have experienced amazing growth and change as an organization, but our singular commitment to expand access to abortion has remained constant. Why? Because abortion is essential health care to which everyone has a right.

Today we have offices on four continents. We train providers and work with health systems to ensure high-quality abortion services are available, accessible, and meet people’s needs—including the right and ability to self-manage an abortion with pills. We conduct research with the goal of turning policy into practice. We also partner with local organizations to educate women and their communities on their rights, and we advocate for legal abortion and support local champions for abortion rights.

Our work is centered on the needs and perspectives of those who seek abortion care. And our comprehensive approach aims to address all the factors that impact a person’s ability to access abortion—from individual health knowledge, to social and community support, to a trained health workforce, to political leadership and supportive laws. In short, we’re working to ensure that all people have bodily autonomy and can access the essential health care they need.

Ipas Nepal delivers boxes of supplies
Ipas Nepal delivers boxes of supplies


Our leaders, board members and staff bring deep and diverse experience in public health and policy from around the world.

Executive officers

Anu Kumar
President and CEO
Kathryn Andersen
Chief Scientific and Technical Officer
Lisa Simutami
Chief Operating Officer
Muadi Mukenge
Chief of Development and External Relations
Samuel Kimball
Chief Financial Officer

Our Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan for fiscal years 2018-2023 draws on our decades of experience working with health systems and communities to end unsafe abortion. We’ve spoken with partners and colleagues around the world to determine how we can make the greatest impact for women and girls.

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Ethics at Ipas

Our Code of Business Ethics and Conduct reflects our core values, is built around eight ethical principles for behavior at Ipas and is supported by Ipas policies and guidance. The code also outlines how Ipas employees and representatives should raise ethical concerns and report suspected violations.

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To learn more about philanthropic opportunities with Ipas, contact Eileen McWilliam, Ipas Director of Development