Work Location: Bangladesh

Voice and text messages help women in Bangladesh make contraceptive choices, study finds

Public health organizations are increasingly using mobile health (mHealth) interventions to target specific audiences with personalized health information. In Bangladesh, an Ipas study used mHealth messaging to determine what family planning information women want to receive after having a safe abortion (known as “menstrual regulation” in this country). Government health guidelines recommend women receive family planning services […]

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Reproductive health care for Toyoba

One Rohingya woman’s story shows what’s at stake for so many refugees At just 22 years old, Toyoba has already faced unimaginable hardships. A Rohingya woman from Myanmar and the mother of three daughters, she was forced to flee her village in October 2017 to escape a brutal campaign of persecution by government military forces. […]

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How does intimate partner violence influence reproductive health?

Research has shown for some time that physical or sexual violence perpetrated by a woman’s husband or sexual partner leads to poor reproductive health outcomes. But two recent Ipas-led studies conducted in Bangladesh shed light on some specific questions: What influence does intimate partner violence have on reproductive outcomes among women seeking abortion and on […]

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