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Faux-semblants : un programme contre l’éducation complète à la sexualité qui entrave les droits humains.

Malgré l’impact positif avéré de l’éducation sexuelle complète sur la santé et les droits sexuels et reproductifs (SDSR) des adolescents, il existe un mouvement croissant d’opposition aux programmes scolaires fondés sur des motifs moraux ou religieux. Au cours de la dernière décennie, avec l’intégration croissante de l’éducation sexuelle complète (ECS), les principaux acteurs internationaux anti-droits basés principalement aux États-Unis ont mobilisé des activistes des pays du Sud, en particulier d’Afrique et d’Amérique latine, pour plaider dans les espaces des Nations Unies (ONU) contre les droits des femmes et des jeunes à l’information et aux services de SDSR.

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Falsos pretextos: la agenda contra la educación integral en sexualidad convierte en arma los derechos humanos

A pesar del impacto positivo comprobado de la educación sexual integral en la salud y los derechos sexuales y reproductivos (SDSR) de los adolescentes, existe un movimiento creciente que se opone a los planes de estudio basados en motivos morales o religiosos. Durante la última década, con un aumento en la incorporación de la educación sexual integral (CSE), las principales partes interesadas internacionales contra los derechos con sede principalmente en los Estados Unidos han estado movilizando a activistas del Sur Global, particularmente de África y América Latina, para abogar en los espacios de las Naciones Unidas (ONU) contra los derechos de las mujeres y los jóvenes a la información y los servicios de SDSR.

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Slide to Christian Nationalism: CPAC’s Global Expansion into Mexico

The U.S.-based Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), an event well known as a nexus for right-wing activism, is holding its first forum in Mexico. This brief—written for both opposition researchers and anyone interested in the global anti-rights movement—provides an overview of CPAC’s background and international expansion, with a focus on how CPAC is collaborating with far-right actors in Mexico to advance its Christian nationalist agenda.

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We’re Talking About Abortion

We need more Americans to speak up about abortion—and to support the advocates, organizations, and decisionmakers working to protect and expand abortion access. That’s why Ipas worked with Eden Stanley, an audience-centered firm, to conduct broad public opinion research. Our findings reveal three priority demographic groups most likely to support organizations and political candidates championing abortion rights. Based on the values and beliefs of these groups, we’ve identified key messaging takeaways. In this brief, we share data and takeaways most relevant for U.S. advocates.

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Anti-Rights Groups Take Aim at Transnational Trade Agreement

Anti-rights groups and movements are expanding their work into new and seemingly unlikely spaces to impose regressive, fundamentalist Christian views on human rights, family, gender, and sexuality. This briefing paper outlines the activities of three anti-rights groups based in the Global North leading a transnational attack on an economic agreement between the European Union (EU) and its country partners in Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) – known as the ACP-EU Partnership Agreement (the Agreement).

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Advocacy lens: 2022 WHO Abortion Care Guideline

This resource is intended to support advocates who are working to achieve universal access to comprehensive, person-centered abortion care and an enabling environment for people to exercise their sexual and reproductive health and rights.

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Élargir le soutien politique en faveur de l’accès et du droit à l’avortement: Leçons issues des 4 coins du monde pour les personnes chargées de plaidoyer

Advocating for abortion access is unlike advocacy on any other global health-care issue. This publication shares insights and lessons learned by Ipas staff and our partners around the world through decades of advocacy work to expand abortion access. The content outlines key obstacles and opportunities that advocates encounter, plus strategies for overcoming common challenges.

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Focus on Nepal: The Harmful Impact of the Helms Amendment on People Seeking Abortion Care

The Helms amendment is a law barring U.S. foreign assistance from being used for abortion services. This fact sheet describes the negative impact of the Helms amendment in Nepal. The country liberalized its abortion law in 2002 and the right to safe motherhood and reproductive health was guaranteed by the 2015 Constitution. In 2018 the Right to Safe Motherhood and Reproductive Health Act further ensured that women and girls in Nepal have the right to access safe, legal abortion free of charge at public health facilities. Yet due in great part to U.S. funding restrictions like the Helms Amendment, Nepal’s reproductive health care provision is fragmented and needlessly inefficient, putting the most burden on women and girls seeking abortion care.

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The global movement for legal, accessible abortion is growing. Our staff and partners in countries as diverse as Bolivia, Malawi and India are working to ensure all people can access high-quality abortion care.

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The global movement for legal, accessible abortion is growing. Our staff and partners in countries as diverse as Bolivia, Malawi and India are working to ensure all people can access high-quality abortion care.


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