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Re-thinking the Use of Conscientious Objection by Health Professionals – Executive Summary

In this executive summary, “Re-thinking the Use of Conscientious Objection by Health Professionals: A regulatory proposal based on legal abortion practices in Argentina,” developed by Ipas and the Center for Studies of State and Society (CEDES), we propose language for the regulation of conscientious objection within public policy. This proposal is empirically informed, as it is based on a review of comparative legal studies and a conceptual framework that considers regulatory needs, gaps in public policy and the everyday experiences of women, health-care teams and health authorities. Though this document focuses on the Argentine context, we believe it will be of interest and use in other countries confronted with the need to address providers’ refusal to provide abortion services on religious or moral grounds.

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Year Published/Updated: 2019

Author(s): Ipas

Languages: English
Regions: Global
Countries: Argentina, Global