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Abortion self-care: Values clarification for action and transformation workshop facilitator’s guide

Research and evidence show that people can safely and effectively self-manage medical abortion, also called abortion with pills, when they have accurate information. Abortion self-care (ASC) is abortion with pills without the necessity of a prescription. With ASC, a pregnant person manages as much of the process as they want on their own, with or without the involvement of a health-care provider.

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Anti-Rights Groups Take Aim at Transnational Trade Agreement

Anti-rights groups and movements are expanding their work into new and seemingly unlikely spaces to impose regressive, fundamentalist Christian views on human rights, family, gender, and sexuality. This briefing paper outlines the activities of three anti-rights groups based in the Global North leading a transnational attack on an economic agreement between the European Union (EU) and its country partners in Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) – known as the ACP-EU Partnership Agreement (the Agreement).

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Toward a Standard Measure of Abortion Service Quality – A Stakeholder First Approach

Safe, high quality abortion services are a critical component of reproductive health care. But what constitutes high quality abortion services? This study describes a process used to create a new, more concise measure of abortion care quality, and an approach to defining and selecting a set of indicators that can be applied in pharmacies, facilities, or with hotlines, and for clients of surgical or medical abortion services in all countries. Keywords: abortion, quality of care, measurement, user-centered design, stakeholder acceptance, Abortion Service Quality (ASQ)

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Advocacy lens: 2022 WHO Abortion Care Guideline

This resource is intended to support advocates who are working to achieve universal access to comprehensive, person-centered abortion care and an enabling environment for people to exercise their sexual and reproductive health and rights.

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Inclusion du handicap dans les programmes de santé reproductive : Boîte à outils de consignes et de clarification des valeurs

Cette boîte à outils est une ressource pour les organisations qui souhaitent développer une mentalité tenant compte du handicap au sein du personnel et des partenaires qui conçoivent et mettent en oeuvre des programmes d’avortement, et de santé et droits en matière de sexualité et de reproduction (SDSR). Elle a été spécialement conçue pour les animateurs et animatrices d’atelier de clarification des valeurs et transformation des attitudes (CVTA) ayant l’expérience de l’organisation de ce type d’ateliers dans le domaine de l’avortement et de la SDSR.

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Abortion Care Videos

A set of abortion care videos designed to better train health care providers to improve their abortion care and help women safely self-manage their abortion using pills. There are 11 videos for health workers and 3 videos for women. These videos were filmed in facilities in Africa and Asia and are consistent with the latest WHO and Ipas clinical guidance.

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Élargir le soutien politique en faveur de l’accès et du droit à l’avortement: Leçons issues des 4 coins du monde pour les personnes chargées de plaidoyer

Advocating for abortion access is unlike advocacy on any other global health-care issue. This publication shares insights and lessons learned by Ipas staff and our partners around the world through decades of advocacy work to expand abortion access. The content outlines key obstacles and opportunities that advocates encounter, plus strategies for overcoming common challenges.

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We work with partners around the world to advance reproductive justice by expanding access to abortion and contraception.

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The global movement for legal, accessible abortion is growing. Our staff and partners in countries as diverse as Bolivia, Malawi and India are working to ensure all people can access high-quality abortion care.

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The global movement for legal, accessible abortion is growing. Our staff and partners in countries as diverse as Bolivia, Malawi and India are working to ensure all people can access high-quality abortion care.


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