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Ipas Myanmar Director: Ni Ni

Unsafe abortion is the third leading cause of maternal death in Myanmar, where abortion is legal only to save a woman’s life. Many women arrive at public health facilities seeking care for complications of unsafe abortion.

Ipas began working in Myanmar in 2014 in partnership with the Ministry of Health and the Department of Public Health to improve the quality of postabortion care (treatment for complications of unsafe abortion) in public facilities, including provision of training and support to health providers. Ipas Myanmar works with partner organizations to raise public awareness about the dangers of unsafe abortion and how to obtain safe and comprehensive contraceptive and postabortion care. Ipas Myanmar has also provided the Department of Public Health with technical expertise that resulted in revised and updated national postabortion care guidelines. In communities, Ipas Myanmar’s outreach work seeks to educate women—including underserved young women—on how to prevent unintended pregnancies and access safe postabortion care.

Ipas statement on the situation in Myanmar

As a global health organization committed to human rights, Ipas condemns the intimidation and violence in Myanmar that has left more than 500 people dead since the military coup on 1 February.

The situation in Myanmar is increasingly volatile as the military junta intensify their brutality toward civilians. We are particularly concerned for Ipas staff and their families; whose lives are in turmoil. We are continuing to monitor the situation and have taken precautions to protect their well-being and safety.

Ipas Myanmar is committed to ensuring that women and girls have access to safe postabortion and contraceptive care. We know women and girls often face more challenges to accessing these essential health services in times of crises. We stand in solidarity with the people of Myanmar and their struggle for democracy and human rights.

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Health workers saving women’s lives from
complications of unsafe abortion

Dr. Ni Ni, leads a state level advocacy workshop.

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