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The global movement for legal, accessible abortion is growing. Our staff and partners in countries as diverse as Bolivia, Malawi and India are working to ensure all people can access high-quality abortion care.

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The global movement for legal, accessible abortion is growing. Our staff and partners in countries as diverse as Bolivia, Malawi and India are working to ensure all people can access high-quality abortion care.


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April 9, 2024

A call for peace

We are deeply troubled by the staggering suffering and loss of life in Gaza and Israel. We stand with governments, UN agencies, feminist organizations, and social justice allies in calling for an immediate ceasefire and end to violence.

We know that the burden of crises, such as the one Gaza is facing, falls disproportionately on women and children, and people who are or can become pregnant. Reports show the extent of the sexual and reproductive health and maternal health crisis. Nearly 60,000 pregnant women in Gaza are without adequate health care, while suffering from malnutrition and dehydration. Two mothers are killed every hour. There is little to no access to menstrual necessities, contraception, abortion, or pre- and post-natal care. Nearly 9,000 women and roughly 14,000 children have been killed, and the risk of catastrophic famine rises each day as the conflict continues.

The ramifications of this conflict will reverberate for years to come in the diverting of resources for war and reconstruction, rather than international development.

We condemn sexual violence in all circumstances and are deeply troubled by the reports of such violence and degradation on and since October 7th. We call for rigorous investigation of such claims, and  for the protection of women, young people, and children at risk of sexual violence.

We condemn the rising anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic rhetoric and violence around the world.   

We call for a ceasefire so that critical humanitarian aid, including sexual and reproductive health care and commodities, can flow, lives can be saved, and people can mourn their losses and begin to heal.

We call for the release of all hostages.

All people in the region must be allowed their full human rights—to be free, safe, and to be treated with dignity. 

We applaud the work of those who are trying to provide aid even in these horrific circumstances and invite others to support our partners, who are mobilizing resources and providing urgent care:

Medecins sans Frontieres

International Rescue Committee

Palestinian Family Planning and Protection Association, Member of International Planned Parenthood Federation


Funds: Doria, Urgent Action Fund for Feminist Activism, Global Fund for Women, FRIDA, Mama Cash

Note: the above list is not exhaustive 

Sign on

Join us in this call for peace, and support for organizations providing aid in this catastrophic humanitarian, sexual and reproductive health, and maternal health crisis.



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