Values clarification workshops to improve abortion knowledge, attitudes and intentions: A pre-post assessment in 12 countries

Women’s access to abortion care is often denied or hampered due to a range of barriers, many of which are rooted in abortion stigma. Abortion values clarification and attitude transformation (VCAT) workshops are conducted with abortion providers, trainers, and policymakers and other stakeholders to mitigate the effects of abortion stigma and increase provision of and access to abortion care.

This study assesses changes in knowledge, attitudes, and behavioral intentions of VCAT workshop participants. Pre- and post-workshop surveys from 43 VCAT workshops conducted in 12 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America between 2006 and 2011 were analyzed to assess changes in three domains: knowledge, attitudes and behavioral intentions related to abortion care. The analysis found that workshop participants demonstrated improvements in all three domains. Participants who entered the workshops with the lowest levels of knowledge and negative attitudes had the greatest gains.

About this Resource:

Year Published/Updated: 2018

Author(s): Turner, Katherine L., Erin Pearson, Allison George, Kathryn L. Andersen

Languages: English