Insights from an expert group meeting on the definition and measurement of unsafe abortion

Until recently, WHO operationally defined unsafe abortion as illegal abortion. In the past decade, however, the incidence of abortion by misoprostol administration has increased in countries with restrictive abortion laws. Access to safe surgical abortions has also increased in many such countries. An important effect of these trends has been that, even in an illegal environment, abortion is becoming safer, and an updated system for classifying abortion in accordance with safety is needed across categories of safety.

Year: 2016

Authors: Sedgh, Gilda, Veronique Filippi, Onikepe O. Owolabi, Susheela D. Singh, Ian Askew, Akinrinola Bankole, Janie Benson, Clementine Rossier, Andrea B. Pembe, Isaac Adewole, Bela Ganatra, Sandra MacDonagh

Languages: English

Regions: Global

Countries: Global

Topics: Research