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Access for Everybody: Disability inclusion in abortion and contraceptive care – OVERVIEW

Despite being a considerable percentage of the population, people with disabilities are grossly underserved and neglected by sexual and reproductive health services, particularly those focused on safe abortion and contraceptive care. While donors, sexual and reproductive health program implementers, universities and activists are beginning to examine the needs and rights of people with disabilities, considerable gaps persist in the specific areas of safe abortion and contraceptive care. This brief explains the programmatic importance of disability inclusion in abortion and contraceptive care and provides resources to support the design and implementation of interventions to address unmet need for this care. This includes an outline of common barriers that people with disabilities face, a description of global frameworks that can guide programmatic approaches to disability inclusion, and a select list of promising practices and lessons learned from the field. The accompanying Guide for Disability Inclusion provides actionable steps to operationalize disability inclusion in policy, service delivery and community engagement strategies and thus ensure access to life-saving health care for everybody, including people with disabilities.
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Year Published/Updated: 2018

Author(s): Ipas

Languages: English
Regions: Global
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