Abortion Stigma Webinar Series

From Feburary to June 2013 Ipas, ANSIRH and colleagues hosted a series of free, one-hour webinars conducted by global and domestic experts on HIV stigma, sexual stigma and abortion stigma.

June 11, 2013:

Lisa Harris, MD, from the University of Michigan presented her work on stigma and abortion providers in the United States. Dr. Harris covered stereotypes of abortion providers as both technically and morally deficient, and showed the ways in which providers experience stigma at multiple levels—including in discourse, law and politics, institutions, and in patient encounters. She discussed the significance of abortion provider stigmatization for provider psychosocial well-being, abortion human resources, patient safety, and law and policy. Finally, Dr. Harris discussed how abortion provider stigma might be transcended, and problematized the use of Contact Theory to address abortion provider stigma.

11 June 2013 webinar on abortion stigma

May 14, 2013:

Professor Greg Herek, psychologist at UC Davis, introduced his conceptualization of Sexual Stigma (stigma based on minority sexual orientation) and discussed how this conceptualization informs stigma measurement. He also explored the application of Contact Theory and described how contact between heterosexuals and sexual minority individuals is associated with reductions in sexual prejudice.

14 May 2013 webinar on abortion stigma


April 9, 2013:

Patrick W. Corrigan, psychologist at Illinois Institute of Technology, presented his work on promising practices for reducing mental health stigma and his “Coming Out Proud” program. Special guest Renee Bracey-Sherman contributed her personal story of coming out about abortion.


March 12, 2013:

Kate Cockrill from ANSIRH presented her work on individual-level abortion stigma and findings from her recent study exploring how book clubs can help to reduce abortion stigma in the United States.

12 February 2013 webinar on abortion stigma


February 12, 2013

Leila Hessini and Kristen Shellenberg from Ipas presented their conceptual model for stigma and provided an overview of their ongoing work on abortion stigma, including their recently developed scale to measure stigmatizing attitudes, beliefs and actions towards women who have an abortion.

12 February 2013 webinar on abortion stigma
Download The Stigmatizing Attitudes, Beliefs and Actions Scale (SABAS)