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We work with partners around the world to advance reproductive justice by expanding access to abortion and contraception.

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The global movement for legal, accessible abortion is growing. Our staff and partners in countries as diverse as Bolivia, Malawi and India are working to ensure all people can access high-quality abortion care.

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The global movement for legal, accessible abortion is growing. Our staff and partners in countries as diverse as Bolivia, Malawi and India are working to ensure all people can access high-quality abortion care.


Our materials are designed to help reproductive health advocates and professionals expand access to high-quality abortion care.

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Abortion is only legal in Bolivia in cases of rape, incest and immediate risk to a woman’s health or life. Consequently, unsafe abortion is the third leading cause of maternal death, and an estimated 185 women undergo clandestine and often unsafe abortions every day. Professionals who could facilitate women’s access to safe abortion when the legal requirements are met often do not have training on the law and end up creating more barriers for women.

Ipas Bolivia works both to improve women’s access to reproductive health care and safe abortion, and to reduce sexual violence. For years Ipas has worked with community advocates and organizations from across Bolivia’s diverse population, which has more than 30 indigenous groups, to support efforts to inform and train communities on the importance of ending unsafe abortion and on sexual and reproductive health and rights. Ipas programs also include training safe abortion providers, as well as partnering with Bolivia’s Ministry of Justice to train law enforcement, judicial and policy professionals on the legal provisions for abortion—and to ensure that women themselves know the legal grounds for accessing abortion care.

Leadership: Malena Morales

Office: La Paz

Online: ipasbolivia.org

Ready for the next 50 years

Malena Morales

I am proud that in Latin America, Ipas is changing women’s lives—and is a pioneer in our comprehensive approach to abortion access. Ipas has always been an incredibly resilient organization, innovating and evolving to address people’s reproductive health needs. In the next 50 years, we’ll continue breaking down barriers to abortion access and work to eradicate the abortion stigma that prevents so many from making their own reproductive health decisions.

Dr. Malena Morales 

Director, Ipas Bolivia

Impact in 2023

people received abortion at Ipas-supported facilities

people received contraceptive services at Ipas-supported facilities

abortion access points supported

Working with public schools to prevent childhood sexual violence in Bolivia

Reaching people in Bolivia through creative storytelling

“Historias de Agua Clara” (The Stories of Agua Clara) is an audionovela set in the fictitious town of Agua Clara. This compelling story series educates the audience and confronts stigma as characters deal with physical, psychological and sexual violence, machismo, unplanned pregnancies, and other issues.

‘It’s the start of something new in our society’

As part of its ongoing work to educate men on the importance of gender equity and the need to eliminate violence against women, Ipas Bolivia launched a public awareness campaign during the most recent national Men’s Day in Bolivia. These efforts included participation in a march organized by the Active Masculinities Network to raise awareness about gender-based violence and confront stereotypes about masculinity. As one marcher said, “We reinforced our commitment as men to women. Why? Because we have sisters, we have families, we have mothers.”

Upholding migrants’ sexual and reproductive rights in Bolivia

Elisa Vega Sillo

Meet Bolivia’s champions for abortion rights

Inspiring leaders are helping drive Bolivia’s movement for safe, legal abortion—with support from Ipas Bolivia and others in their grassroots coalition.

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“Our actions have a direct impact on the lives of thousands of women and girls”

Malena Morales, Ipas Bolivia Country Director, shares why she’s a passionate advocate for abortion rights

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Malena Morales