Topic: Grantmaking
Close-up of a person wearing a bright yellow top and colorful beaded necklace, holding a yellow menstrual cup with both hands. The person is smiling, and adorned with beautifully patterned fabric on the shoulder. Trees are blurred in the background.
May 23, 2024

Menstrual hygiene and the climate crisis are intricately connected. Our research and programmatic experience have shown that as climate-induced extreme weather events such as droughts and floods increase, managing menstruation becomes even more challenging for women and girls worldwide.

Abdia Lalaikipia stands in front of a white signboard that reads "PACIDA Pastoralist Community Initiative and Development Assistance" and "PACIDA Sambuli Office" in black text. The person is wearing a green shirt and a beige headscarf, and is smiling at the camera.
May 17, 2024

With a grant from Ipas’s Collaborative Fund, Abdiah Lalaikipian’s organization was able to make meaningful change in northern Kenya’s pastoralist communities. The Collaborative Fund approach involves designing by dialogue. Through a participatory process, we enable communities and Civil Society Organizations to design projects that best address their issues.

A young woman in an orange dress stands speaking into a microphone in a Nigerian classroom full of smiling students who are raising their hands in joy reacting to her speech
May 7, 2024

Ipas’s local partner, Onelife Initiative for Human Development, has helped Nigerian college students take control of their sexual and reproductive health through a program called “Campus Wey Sabi,” a title which loosely translates to “campus knows best.” Through measuring student knowledge, training local health-care vendors, and hosting on-campus sessions with students and health providers, the program achieved significant results in just four months.

A group of people seated on wooden chairs in a circle outdoors. One person, dressed in a uniform and wearing a face mask, faces the rest who are casually dressed. Amos Simpano, dressed in a light-colored coat is also part of the group. Trees and a building are visible in the background, creating a locally-led atmosphere.
February 15, 2024

Entashata strives to bridge gaps in education, women’s rights, and reproductive health in his community in Loita. The organization’s commitment to education resulted in an annual campaign to enroll boys and girls in schools, boasting over 50 girls supported completing their secondary education.

A group of women in colorful attire sit on a carpet in a brick-walled room. Some women wear hijabs in various colors, and they are engaged in conversation, appearing focused and attentive. A larger mat covers part of the floor where they are gathered.
February 9, 2024

In Nigeria, getting a safe abortion is already an uphill battle. But for women with disabilities, it can be nearly impossible. With support from the Ipas Collaborative Fund, the locally based SAIF Advocacy Foundation is paving the way to ensure that everyone, regardless of ability, can access the quality abortion care they have a right to.

Four smiling Maasai women stand side by side in colorful traditional attire, adorned with beaded jewelry. They are outside, with green fields and distant trees or hills in the background, exuding a sense of community and joy.
December 14, 2023

Ipas is proud to continue supporting community-based efforts to advance reproductive justice with the unveiling of 16 new recipients of the Ipas Collaborative Fund for 2024.

Ipas Collaborative Fund: grantee PACIDA
October 6, 2023

Ipas partnered with local group PACIDA to tackle the impacts of climate change on reproductive rights. The solutions—generated by the people most affected—are helping build resilient communities.