Who presents past the gestational age limit for first trimester abortion in the public sector in Mexico City?

This study sought to identify socio-demographic factors associated with presenting for abortion services past the gestational age limit (12 weeks), and thus not receiving services, in Mexico City’s public sector first-trimester abortion program. We found that women living in Mexico City and with higher levels of education had lower odds of presenting past the gestational age limit. Adolescents at every level of education have significantly higher probabilities of not receiving an abortion due to presenting past the gestational age limit compared with adults.

Our results suggest that continued efforts are needed to educate women, especially younger and less-educated women, about early pregnancy recognition. In addition, all women need information about the availability of first-trimester legal abortion to ensure timely access to abortion services.

About this Resource:

Year Published/Updated: 2018

Author(s): Saavedra-Avendano, Biani, Raffaela Schiavon, Patricio Sanhueza, Ranulfo RiosPolanco, Laura Garcia-Martinez, Blair G. Darney

Languages: English
Countries: Mexico
Topics: Research