What factors contribute to postabortion contraceptive uptake by young women? A program evaluation in 10 countries in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa

This evaluation assesses the factors that influence contraceptive uptake among adolescents and young women seeking abortion care in health facilities. We analyzed client log book data from 921,918 abortion care cases in 4,881 health facilities in 10 countries from July 2011 through June 2015, and found that programmatic support to health systems, including provider training in contraceptive counseling and provision, was associated with women’s higher acceptance of postabortion contraception.
However, gaps remained for young women, especially adolescents, who were significantly less likely than older women to accept postabortion contraception. Health systems and facilities should pay increased attention to meeting the contraceptive needs of young women and adolescents.
About this Resource:

Year Published/Updated: 2017

Author(s): Benson, Janie, Kathryn Andersen, Joan Healy, Dalia Brahmi

Languages: English
Regions: Africa | Asia
Topics: Research