Putting provider abortion skills into practice

Global progress to reduce maternal deaths from unsafe abortion is inadequate. Clarifying abortion values and attitudes, using updated WHO safe abortion technical guidance, networking with other providers, and securing adequate abortion and contraceptive supplies can support providers to put induced abortion, postabortion care, and contraceptive skills into practice. Revised national guidelines based on updated WHO guidance can support women’s healthcare providers to offer safe abortion for all legal indications and other measures to protect women’s life and health. Recommendations of the United Nations and partner agencies can be used to support integration of abortion into other health programs, to expand provision of abortion care by midlevel providers, such as midwives, and to advocate for resources and results based on an expanded reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health Continuum of Care. Together, these efforts can generate concerted progress toward eliminating unsafe abortion, which is an entirely preventable cause of maternal mortality.
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Year Published/Updated: 2013

Author(s): Healy, Joan

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