Marital status and abortion among young women in Rupandehi, Nepal

Despite liberalization of the Nepal abortion law, young women continue to experience barriers to safe abortion services. This study evaluated differences in reproductive knowledge and attitudes by marital status. Participants were surveyed on demographics, romantic experiences, media habits, reproductive information, and abortion knowledge and attitudes. Only 45% responded that they knew that abortion was legal, and fewer ever-married women were aware of abortion legality. Never-married women expected more negative responses from having an abortion than ever-married women. Findings highlight the need for providing sexual and reproductive health care information and services to young women regardless of marital status.
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Year Published/Updated: 2015

Author(s): Andersen, Kathryn L., Ram Chandra Khanal, Alexandra Teixeira, Shailes Neupane, Sharad Sharma, Valerie N. Acre, Maria F. Gallo

Languages: English
Regions: Asia
Countries: Nepal
Topics: Research