Lutar pelo direito ao aborto no Brasil é transitar a realidade e a utopia

In this blog (in Portuguese), Ipas senior policy and advocacy advisor Bia Galli writes that, in the wake of an historic public hearing before the Supreme Court of Brazil on the topic of abortion, it's time to acknowledge that a democratic debate with the same diversity of arguments and plurality of views has not been possible in Brazil's Congress. The reality and impact of Brazil's highly restrictive abortion law continues to be ignored by parliamentarians representing religious and conservative groups opposed to reproductive autonomy for Brazilian women. In this scenario, the approval of a bill lessening restrictions on abortion is not only unlikely but utopian. Whether you are for or against the decriminalization of abortion, opposing debate on the issue is simply undemocratic.

About this Resource:

Year Published/Updated: 2018

Author(s): Beatriz Galli

Languages: Portuguese