Ipas Brief (April 2013)

In Nigeria prior to 2009, complications from incomplete abortion were widespread and more treatment options were necessary in order to reach all women in need. Misoprostol would be a valuable addition to the treatment options in Nigeria, yet little was known about whether Nigerian women or providers would like it. Therefore, Ipas and partners decided to undertake research and advocacy plans to determine misoprostol’s suitability in Nigeria and change policies accordingly. The research to policy change process is one that a number of esteemed organizations and programs tackle across a range of topics. This brief presents an example of policy change addressing the problem of unsafe abortion using a simple seven-step approach—which can serve as a guide for using information and data to advocate for policy change. The steps Ipas and partners in Nigeria followed using data and evidence deliberately to change policy are simple, practical and applicable in many policy change situations
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Year Published/Updated: 2013

Author(s): Ipas