Intimate partner violence and constraints to reproductive autonomy and reproductive health among women seeking abortion services in Bangladesh

The objective of this study was to understand intersections between intimate partner violence (IPV) and other constraints to women’s reproductive autonomy, and the influence of IPV on reproductive health. There were 457 participants included in the analysis and 118 (25.8%) had experienced IPV in the preceding year. IPV was associated with discordance in fertility intentions with husbands/partners and in-laws, with in-law opposition to contraception, with perceived religious prohibition of contraception, and with presenting unaccompanied. Ensuring women’s reproductive freedom requires addressing IPV and related constraints.
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Year Published/Updated: 2017

Author(s): Pearson, Erin, Kathryn L. Andersen, Kamal Biswas, Rezwana Chowdhury, Susan G. Sherman, Michele R. Decker

Languages: English
Regions: Asia
Countries: Bangladesh
Topics: Research