‘How shall we survive’: A qualitative study of women’s experiences following denial of menstrual regulation (MR) services in Bangladesh

About one quarter of women in Bangladesh are denied menstrual regulation (MR) due to advanced gestation. Little is known about whether women denied MR seek abortion elsewhere, self-induce, or continue the pregnancy. In-depth interviews conducted with 20 women denied MR in four districts in Bangladesh indicate a need to:  raise awareness about legal MR services; provide information to women on where, how and when they can access these services; train more MR providers; improve the quality and safety of second- trimester services; and strengthen campaigns to prevent unintended pregnancies.

Authors: Hossain, Altaf, Heidi Moseson, Sarah Raifman, Caitlin Gerdts, Kamal Kanti Biswas, Diana Greene Foster
Year: 2016

Languages: English

Regions: Asia


Topics: Research