Facilitating women’s access to misoprostol through community-based advocacy in Kenya and Tanzania

To explore the feasibility of educating communities about gynecologic uses for misoprostol at the community level through community-based organizations in countries with restrictive abortion laws, the Public Health Institute and Ipas conducted an operations research study in 2012. The study provided small grants to 28 community-based organizations in Kenya and Tanzania to disseminate information on the correct use of misoprostol for both abortion and postpartum hemorrhage. These groups were connected to pharmacies selling misoprostol.    The initiative showed that, even where abortion is legally restricted and socially stigmatized, community-based organizations can publicly and openly share information about misoprostol and refer it to women by using innovative and effective strategies, without political backlash.
About this Resource:

Year Published/Updated: 2013

Author(s): Coeytaux, Francine, Leila Hessini, Nondo Ejano, Albert Obbuyi, Monica Oguttu, Joachim Osur, Kristen Shuken

Languages: English
Regions: Africa
Countries: Kenya, Tanzania