Doing more for less: Identifying opportunities to expand public sector access to safe abortion in South Africa through budget impact analysis

The objective of this study was to estimate the costs of public-sector abortion provision in South Africa and to explore the potential for expanding access at reduced cost by changing the mix of technologies used. It concludes that South Africa can provide more safe abortions for less money in the public sector through shifting the methods provided–and says that more research is needed to understand whether the cost of expanding access could be offset by savings from averting costs of managing unsafe abortions.
About this Resource:

Year Published/Updated: 2017

Author(s): Lince-Deroche, N., J. Harries, D. Constant, C. Morroni, M. Pleaner, T. Fetters, D. Grossman, K. Blanchard, E. Sinanovic

Languages: English
Regions: Africa
Countries: South Africa
Topics: Research