Developing mHealth messages to promote postmenstrual regulation contraceptive use in Bangladesh: Participatory interview study

This study aimed to support the development of a mobile phone intervention to support postmenstrual regulation family planning use in Bangladesh. It explored what family planning information women want to receive after having a menstrual regulation procedure, whether they would like to receive this information via their mobile phone, and if so, what their preferences are for the way in which it is delivered. Participatory interviews were conducted with 24 menstrual regulation clients in Dhaka and Sylhet divisions in Bangladesh.

The study found that menstrual regulation clients are very interested in receiving information on their phones to support family planning use and wanted more information about the method of contraception they were using. Participatory voicemail was the preferred modality.

About this Resource:

Year Published/Updated: 2017

Author(s): Eckersberger, Elisabeth, Erin Pearson, Kathryn Andersen, Altaf Hossain, Katharine Footman, Kamal Kanti Biswas, Sadid Nuremowla, Kate Reiss

Languages: English
Regions: Asia
Countries: Bangladesh
Topics: Media/PR