Determining the accuracy of pregnancy-length dating among women presenting for induced abortions in Ghana

This study sought to determine the proportion of women presenting for an induced abortion in Ghana who could use a gestational wheel to determine if they had reached at least 13 weeks or fewer than 13 weeks of pregnancy accurately.

The study enrolled 780 participants, 770 of whom used a gestational wheel to self-assess pregnancy duration. A clinician then assessed the length via clinical assessment and bimanual exam, for use as a respective reference point. Almost all participants could use the gestational wheel to date their pregnancies correctly.

This tool could help women perform medical abortions safely in the community, reducing morbidity and mortality from unsafe abortions.

Authors: Shellenberg, Kristen M., Samuel K. Antobam, Risa Griffin, Alison Edelman, Gertrude Voetagbe
Year: 2017

Languages: English

Regions: Africa

Countries: Ghana

Topics: Research