Bad all around: Attacks on women in NC

Taken together, the [NC] state Republican attacks on unemployment benefits, Medicaid, education, women’s rights and racial justice amount to what the rest of the world considers human rights violations. They are anti-poor, anti-woman, and anti-[economic] development. In particular, the proposed restrictions on abortion care and providers are irrational and fly in the face of global medical research and evidence. I know from my work in global health that restrictive abortion laws do not have a positive impact on women’s health. Indeed, it is this knowledge that has led dozens of countries around the world to remove restrictions on abortion care while only a handful, the United States among them, move in the opposite direction.

Year: 2013

Authors: Kumar, Anu

Languages: English

Regions: US and Canada

Countries: United States

Topics: Human Rights, Laws & Policies, Media/PR