Abortion services for sex workers in Uganda: Successful strategies in an urban clinic

Sex workers’ need for safe abortion services in Uganda is greater than that of the population of women of reproductive age because of their number of sexual contacts, the inconsistent use of contraception and their increased risk of forced sex, rape or other forms of physical and sexual violence. This study sought to understand sex workers’ experiences with induced abortion services or postabortion care (PAC) at an urban clinic in Uganda. Nine in-depth interviews were conducted with sex workers. Several important programmatic considerations for safe abortion services for sex workers were identified. Most important is creating community-level interventions in which women can speak openly about abortion, creating a support network among sex workers, training peer educators, and making available a community outreach educator and community outreach workshops on abortion.
About this Resource:

Year Published/Updated: 2014

Author(s): Marlow, Heather M., Kristen Shellenberg, Erick Yegon

Languages: English
Regions: Africa
Countries: Uganda
Topics: Research