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Autocuidados de Aborto: Clarificação de Valores para Acção e Transformação. Guião do Facilitador de Workshop

Pesquisas e evidências mostram que as mulheres podem se auto-administrar, com segurança e eficácia, o aborto medicamentoso, também chamado de aborto com pílulas, quando têm informações precisas. O autocuidado de aborto (ASC) é o aborto com pílulas sem a necessidade de uma receita médica. Com ASC, a mulher administra sozinha o máximo possível do processo como bem quiser, com ou sem o envolvimento de um profissional de saúde.

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Autogestion de l’avortement : Clarification des valeurs pour l’action et la transformation

Les recherches et les données montrent qu’il est possible de gérer un avortement médicamenteux, également appelé avortement par comprimés, en autonomie de manière sûre et efficace lorsque des informations précises sont à disposition. L’autogestion de l’avortement (AGA) consiste à avorter avec des comprimés sans ordonnance. Avec l’AGA, la personne enceinte gère elle-même une grande partie du processus, avec ou sans l’intervention d’un prestataire de santé.

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Out of Bounds: Foreign and Digital Influence Targeting LGBTI Rights in Ghana

In 2021, the “Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill” was introduced in the Ghanaian Parliament. The bill, if passed, would criminalize LGBTI people and behavior, as well as those who support their rights, and even those who report on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) issues. While there has been significant national and international media coverage of the bill, what is less understood is who is driving promotion of the bill, and the accompanying harmful public debate. This report seeks to fill that knowledge gap, identifying who is behind the external anti-LGBTI influence, detailing connections between Ghanaian leaders and conservative foreign groups, and showing how anti-LGBTI rhetoric, and social and other media traffic, are being shaped and driven by these interests. As of March 2023, the anti-LGBTI bill is still pending in Ghanaian parliament. With this report, we provide recommendations to continue exposing the origins of anti-LGBTI hatred in Ghana and guidance on supporting LGBTI rights and reclaiming the narrative from homophobic politicians and other personalities to demonstrate that reactionary narratives against LGBTI rights are not universal in Ghana.

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Autogestión del aborto: guía de facilitación de talleres de aclaración de valores para transformación y acción

Las investigaciones y evidencias muestran que las mujeres pueden autogestionar el aborto con medicamentos, también llamado aborto con pastillas, de manera segura y eficaz cuando tienen información veraz. Autogestión del aborto es aborto con pastillas sin la necesidad de una receta médica. La persona embarazada maneja el proceso por sí misma en la medida que desee, con o sin la asistencia de un/a prestador/a de servicios de salud.

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Abortion self-care: Values clarification for action and transformation workshop facilitator’s guide

Research and evidence show that people can safely and effectively self-manage medical abortion, also called abortion with pills, when they have accurate information. Abortion self-care (ASC) is abortion with pills without the necessity of a prescription. With ASC, a pregnant person manages as much of the process as they want on their own, with or without the involvement of a health-care provider.

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Slide to Christian Nationalism: CPAC’s Global Expansion into Mexico

The U.S.-based Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), an event well known as a nexus for right-wing activism, is holding its first forum in Mexico. This brief—written for both opposition researchers and anyone interested in the global anti-rights movement—provides an overview of CPAC’s background and international expansion, with a focus on how CPAC is collaborating with far-right actors in Mexico to advance its Christian nationalist agenda.

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We’re Talking About Abortion

We need more Americans to speak up about abortion—and to support the advocates, organizations, and decisionmakers working to protect and expand abortion access. That’s why Ipas worked with Eden Stanley, an audience-centered firm, to conduct broad public opinion research. Our findings reveal three priority demographic groups most likely to support organizations and political candidates championing abortion rights. Based on the values and beliefs of these groups, we’ve identified key messaging takeaways. In this brief, we share data and takeaways most relevant for U.S. advocates.

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Anti-Rights Groups Take Aim at Transnational Trade Agreement

Anti-rights groups and movements are expanding their work into new and seemingly unlikely spaces to impose regressive, fundamentalist Christian views on human rights, family, gender, and sexuality. This briefing paper outlines the activities of three anti-rights groups based in the Global North leading a transnational attack on an economic agreement between the European Union (EU) and its country partners in Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) – known as the ACP-EU Partnership Agreement (the Agreement).

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Toward a Standard Measure of Abortion Service Quality – A Stakeholder First Approach

Safe, high quality abortion services are a critical component of reproductive health care. But what constitutes high quality abortion services? This study describes a process used to create a new, more concise measure of abortion care quality, and an approach to defining and selecting a set of indicators that can be applied in pharmacies, facilities, or with hotlines, and for clients of surgical or medical abortion services in all countries. Keywords: abortion, quality of care, measurement, user-centered design, stakeholder acceptance, Abortion Service Quality (ASQ)

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The magnitude and severity of abortion-related complications in the Castors Maternity in Bangui, Central African Republic

This eight-page brief outlines selected findings from a research project on the burden of abortion-related complications and their contributing factors in the Maternity of Castors in Bangui, Central African Republic. The study found a greater severity of abortion-related complications in this facility compared to African hospitals in stable settings and reinforces the need to recognize abortion as a serious health issue among fragile or crisis-affected populations.

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The global movement for legal, accessible abortion is growing. Our staff and partners in countries as diverse as Bolivia, Malawi and India are working to ensure all people can access high-quality abortion care.


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