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Ipas-supported site awarded as ‘Best Youth-Run Sexual Health Platform’

Nimechanuka—a digital platform supported by Ipas Africa Alliance—has been named the 2022 “Best Youth-Run Sexual Health Platform” by Global Health and Pharma, an online information-sharing site for the health-care and pharmaceutical industries.

For nearly a decade, Nimechanuka has provided young people with accurate information on contraceptives and access to safe abortion, answering such questions as “How do I buy abortion pills?” and “What are your options when it comes to contraceptives?” Nimechanuka also conducts online advocacy campaigns, chats and webinars, and, with support from Ipas, provides trainings to improve the knowledge and skills of youth champions for sexual and reproductive health and rights.

“It feels great to be appreciated for the work we do,” says Nigel Otieno, digital engagement advisor for Ipas Africa Alliance. “We’ll continue to grow Nimechanuka to be the go-to platform for sexual and reproductive health information.”