Ruth Bader Ginsburg 2016 portrait

September 23, 2020

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Keeping Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy of justice alive

By Anu Kumar, Ipas President and CEO

Anu KumarI join so many of my colleagues who live here in the United States in a collective pledge to keep Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy of justice alive.

At Ipas, our vision is of a world where everyone can determine their own future. Like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, we know that reproductive rights, including abortion rights, are human rights.

Our focus at Ipas is on abortion and contraception but we understand that abortion intersects with so many issues—at its core the right to abortion is about a woman’s role in society and whether she can realize her full potential. Ruth Bader Ginsburg knew that and championed it.

We know too that reproductive justice, racial justice, climate justice, and economic justice are intertwined and indivisible. We will keep up the fight for justice—for all people, in the United States and around the world.