Saturday, May 26, 2018 | News

Ireland repeals abortion ban

Statement from Anu Kumar, Ipas President and CEO:

We at Ipas are heartened by the Irish people’s vote to repeal the country’s constitutional amendment criminalizing abortion. It is a true step forward and a lifesaving vote for women. Ireland’s staunch position against abortion has, in fact, been lethal. Savita Hallapanavar’s death after being denied an abortion in Ireland struck a chord around the world. That she was denied an abortion that could have saved her life was tragic. That any woman, anywhere dies because she cannot access a safe abortion means her country has failed her.

At Ipas, we believe that women and girls deserve to make their own sexual and reproductive health decisions. We know that when abortion is restricted, it doesn’t limit the number of abortions, it just drives women to unsafe methods to end an unintended pregnancy. Each year, roughly 25 million women put their lives at risk because they have so few options. The people of Ireland voted to trust women. Let this be an example for the other 5 countries that ban abortion—and to the many countries that heavily restrict it.

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