Thursday, April 2, 2015 | News

Creating a better world for women in Zambia

the world, Ipas employs staff who are passionate about human rights and
dedicated to ensuring that women have access to the health care they
need, when they need it. Clinicians, advocates and researchers, many
have given up more lucrative careers in order to work on a stigmatized
issue like abortion.

It is always a pleasure, therefore, to see our colleagues recognized
for their hard work and dedication. In March, the national newspaper the
Times of Zambia recognized Ipas Zambia Policy
Advisor Mary Mulenga’s career working for the rights of women and
girls. Prior to joining Ipas several years ago, Mulenga was executive
director of the the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) of
Zambia, building them into a leading voice for the rights of women and
girls in Zambia. At Ipas, she addresses one of the leading causes of
maternal deaths in her country, unsafe abortion. “With the advancement
in medical technology, women should not be dying
like that from maternal deaths, and besides that, people should not
stigmatize this even when it is the reality on the ground,” she said.

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