Country: Malawi

Abortion is not a crime

For far too long, Malawians’ view of termination of pregnancy has condemned women and girls to either death or permanent disability. These are needless injuries and deaths that can be prevented if only we stop looking at termination of pregnancy as a crime, moral, faith or cultural issue-but rather as public health issue.

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Severity of abortion complications in Malawi

This study assesed the severity of abortion complications in Malawi and determined associated risk factors. Between July 20 and September 13, 2009, a cross-sectional survey was conducted at 166 facilities providing postabortion care services.

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Incidence of induced abortion in Malawi

CONTEXT: Abortion is legally restricted in Malawi, and no data are available on the incidence of the procedure. METHODS: The Abortion Incidence Complications Methodology was used to estimate levels of induced abortion in Malawi in 2009. Data on provision of postabortion care were collected from 166 public, nongovernmental and private health facilities, and estimates of the likelihood that women who have abortions experience complications and seek care were obtained from 56 key informants.

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