Clinical Updates in Reproductive Health

Our Team

Last reviewed: April 23, 2021

Medical Director and Editor: Nathalie Kapp

Clinical advisory team:

  • Babatunde Adelekan, Nigeria
  • Sangeeta Batra, India
  • Abiyot Belai, Ethiopia
  • Deeb Shrestha Dangol, Nepal
  • Claudia Martínez López, Mexico
  • Guillermo Ortiz, United States
  • Bill Powell, United States


Thanks to those who contributed to this and previous versions of Clinical Updates in Reproductive Health:

  • Rebecca Allen
  • Lynn Borgatta
  • Dalia Brahmi
  • Anne Burke
  • Catherine Casino
  • Talemoh Dah
  • Gillian Dean
  • Alison Edelman
  • Courtney Firestine
  • Mary Fjerstad
  • Bela Ganatra
  • Vinita Goyal
  • Joan Healy
  • Emily Jackson
  • Bliss Kaneshiro
  • Ann Leonard
  • Radha Lewis
  • Patricia Lohr
  • Steve Luboya
  • Alice Mark (Founding Editor)
  • Lisa Memmel
  • Karen Padilla
  • Regina Renner
  • Cristião Rosas
  • Laura Schoedler

Clinical Updates topics are determined through queries gathered from Ipas-supported trainings and programs in the public and private health sectors. For their technical expertise and contributions, we are grateful to Ipas’s clinical trainers and country program staff in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, as well as the India Development Foundation.