Stocking facilities with MVA equipment according to caseload

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stocking facilities with MVA according to caseload
Decisionmakers in health facilities performing uterine-evacuation procedures have lacked guides to estimate their needs for manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) equipment. The methods that were — and sometimes still are — used been inadequate because the number of cases a facility sees on any given day can deviate substantially from this average. A new, unique methodology, based upon solid statistical principles and the realities of the field, offers enormous potential for ensuring that facilities have the instruments they need. This new methodology requires larger initial stock quantities, but, in the long run, does not increase the number of devices that facilities actually use. This monograph first will describe the theoretical bases of the methodology, and then will discuss a simple tool to be used for local decisionmaking in stocking and resupplying facilities.

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