Topic: Human Rights

Green (with envy) about the gay rights movement

More than half the population supports gay marriage and families. So when will abortion and women's rights to reproductive self-determination be a cultural norm?Year: 2013Authors: Kumar, AnuLanguages: Regions: [wpv-post-taxonomy...

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Bad all around: Attacks on women in NC

Taken together, the [NC] state Republican attacks on unemployment benefits, Medicaid, education, women's rights and racial justice amount to what the rest of the world considers human rights violations. They are anti-poor, anti-woman, and anti-[economic] development....

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After jailing women, Bolivia weighs legalizing abortion

The nation's top court is scheduled to meet Monday to review a constitutional challenge to the country's abortion laws and to other policies that impede women's access to a full range of human rights. A positive decision would mean that for the first time in 41 years,...

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