Youth act for safe abortion: A training guide for future health professionals, Guide handouts

This guide is a resource for future health professionals who want to learn about and engage in abortion issues. Abortion is a critical but often neglected area of women’s rights, women’s health and health science education. The guide was developed for health sciences students—including students in medicine, nursing, midwifery, pharmacology, public health and other related fields—and can be adapted for other audiences too. Experienced facilitators can use the resources and tools in the guide to effectively facilitate workshops on abortion.
Contents: The guide addresses abortion comprehensively and through human rights, legal and public health frameworks. It provides information about strategies to increase access to safe abortion through advocacy, peer education and accompaniment. Although it contains clinical information about abortion, the guide does not prepare students for abortion service delivery. The guide consists of five learning modules that can be implemented as a three-day workshop, and a sample agenda is available in the guide. Individual modules or activities can also be used in other training forums.
Available downloads: Resources available here are the complete training manual, a separate document containing all printable handouts from the guide, and PowerPoint slides that accompany each module in the training manual.

Year: 2013

Authors: Ipas Mexico