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Monday, August 5, 2019 | News

Ipas’s new CFO says donors should have ‘absolute confidence’ they’re making a difference

In July, Ipas named Sam Kimball as our new Chief Financial Officer. Kimball came to Ipas in 2016 and has since worked closely with finance, program and operational staff across the organization to help develop processes and internal controls—and identify areas for improvement. Here he shares what he wants all Ipas donors to know: that their funds are in good hands and serving a vital mission.

Question: Why are you passionate about Ipas’s mission? 

Kimball: I believe that reproductive rights are human rights, especially when it comes to allowing women and girls to make choices about their bodies and decisions around abortion. These beliefs are at the core of Ipas’s mission and multifaceted approach, and it brings me great pride to play some small role in Ipas’s work ensuring that abortion is legal, available and safe for women and girls around the world.  

Q: How do you work to ensure our funding supports our programs effectively? 

Kimball: Throughout my career, I have strived to help teams and organizations identify issues and areas for improvement in their financial processes and collaborate to strengthen them. As Ipas must demonstrate reliable stewardship of our donors’ funds, my desire to bring teams together—and not only identify potential efficiencies, but also lead and empower teams to make those a reality—is always at the forefront of my work. Ipas’s mission is so critical; we must listen to our teams to ensure our back-office processes help us deliver high-quality and timely results that are essential to the women and girls that we serve. 

Q: Why should donors to Ipas trust they are making a difference? 

Kimball: Donors to Ipas should have absolute confidence that their funds are always serving the highest and best purpose and being used to implement meaningful and innovative programs as intended. Our infrastructure and systems allow us to work efficiently and effectively, and our teams around the world are committed to doing this work with integrity and are united by a belief in a common goal. Our systems and processes are built to prevent and detect the misuse or misappropriation of donors’ funds, and Ipas is committed to doing all of this with intentionality and transparency.  

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