Midwives Matter: Spotlight on Oladayo Afolabi

Oladayo Afolabi was posted in Northern Nigeria during part of his midwifery training. When a young woman came to the clinic, having had an unsafe abortion, he and his colleagues had to decide what to do—they had to consider the restrictive law in Nigeria and the cultural norms that made it risky to treat an unchaperoned young woman. “She had met a boy in school but he had raped her and she became pregnant. She had taken a local concoction to abort the pregnancy. She bled for almost five days, trying to hide herself from family,” he says. Then she heard of this clinic and made her way; determined to get the care she needed and continue her education. “She had dreams of becoming a doctor,” remembers Oladayo. Not to treat her would have denied her right to health, he says. The experience triggered his passion for guaranteeing women can access their rights and protect their reproductive health.

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