Midwives Matter: Spotlight on Molly Dutton-Kenny

Molly Dutton-Kenny has been a midwifery student for two years in the United States but her training extends further back to work in Mali and Guinea, both in West Africa. The experience of working in the developing world and in the United States gives her a unique perspective. And her own experience with abortion in Mali gave her a glimpse of the many  barriers women in the developing world face when they don’t wish to continue a pregnancy. She also experienced the stigma that surrounds abortion, even within her midwifery community—a barrier that women often face, regardless of where they live. In all, Dutton-Kenny says these things have “galvanized her commitment to provide full-spectrum reproductive health care” as a midwife. She is the second Ipas Young Midwife Contest winner to be featured in our series this summer. Look for more inspiring stories.