Research and Evaluation

As an organization with a comprehensive mission to reduce deaths and disabilities from unsafe abortion and to advance women’s reproductive rights, Ipas has made a strong commitment to research and evaluation (R&E). Our R&E efforts serve multiple purposes. Findings from our studies inform the development of improved national policies and health system practices, and contribute to stronger communities, families and individuals. Our growing body of results enable us to evaluate Ipas’s programmatic effectiveness and impact. We also conduct formative and intervention research to generate new knowledge for the larger reproductive health and rights community, including findings from assessments of innovative or previously-untested programmatic approaches. Targeted dissemination of R&E evidence to reach appropriate audiences is an integral part of our R&E efforts, prioritizing local stakeholders, and ultimately, through professional conferences and peer-reviewed journals.

Ipas’s research is grounded on a set of guiding principles that address our commitment to scientific excellence, meaningful collaboration between country and international partners, ethical protections of research participants, local, regional and global dissemination of results, and transparent communication.

Ipas’s R&E portfolio encompasses the following key areas: