Monitoring and evaluating Ipas’s programs

Ipas’s monitoring and evaluation system is based on a conceptual model for evaluating abortion care programs and outcomes. The Ipas strategic plan, designed as a logical framework, incorporates core indicators at all levels of the framework. We collect, analyze and use indicator data from our strategic plan and from grant awards to monitor and evaluate progress and results from our health systems, community, policy and advocacy, and youth engagement interventions.

Ipas uses a global, secure, relational database, called “Terra,” to capture and store monitoring data for our programmatic work. The database is implemented in all 15 Ipas program country/regional offices, and offers staff from throughout the organization access to metrics reports, personalized dashboards, and the ability to query programmatic data in real time. Routine use of and upgrades to Terra have facilitated reporting to external stakeholders, enhanced data use for improved project and program management, and enabled us to provide more compelling evidence of organizational achievements. With the availability of significant amounts of global monitoring data, we are now able to calculate estimates of the larger-scale impact of our work on women’s health and well-being.

Works in progress in 2016 include testing the use of mobile technologies to collect health system data in Nepal, India and Nigeria to enhance efficiency and strengthen data security. We also are improving our ability to calculate cost-effectiveness measures of our health system interventions, using information from our programmatic monitoring and financial systems.